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There are customers out there right now looking for your business to help them. Where are they and how do you help them find you? That is a great question.

You have many options - you can hire telemarketers, you could buy media advertising, advertise in the yellow pages, newspapers, magazines etc. Does that work? Well I guess the best answer is "sometimes". The problems with these traditional methods is that they are both costly and difficult to target potential customers. They are like throwing a large net into the sea. You'll catch some fish but you'll also catch a lot of tires and rubber boots.

So what is a better approach? Well put yourself in your potential customer's position. What do you do when you are looking for a new product or service? If you want to buy a hammer, you probably go to your local hardware store or big-box store. That's easy because you know exactly where to get the product and the product details. What if you need a product or service and you don't know a lot about the product and you've never purchased this product before? We bet you look for it on the internet - you'll go to Google, search, do some research and see some companies that specialize in your product of interest. So why does this work? Three words - Reach, Relevance and ROI.

Google allows you to reach virtually any scope of audience you would like. If you are a local business, Adwords allows you to target only the area that you serve. Your ads can be customzied to let your customers know that you are a member of the community. At the same time, if you'd like to sell nationally or internationally, you can target ads at a national or international level in the appropriate language. So Google allow you to be both "big" and "small" at the same time. This is pretty tough to do in other advertising mediums.

Google allows you to place multiple ads concurrently targeting different customers. So each customer sees an ad tailored to their location, demographic, language and most importantly their topic of interest. When a potential client is ready to buy, they search for your product on Google. They enter a search phrase to describe the product or service for which they are searching. We help our clients select relevant keywords for their ads so that customers looking for their products of services see their ads and find them. Once again, this is pretty tough to do in other advertising mediums.

Google allows you see exactly how effective your are with your advertising dollars - it is called ROAS - Return on Ad Spend. You can see this real-time information via the Google site or have reports automatically sent daily or weekend. This immediate feedback allow you to see what is working (and not working) and tweek your ads accordingly. Google will even allow you to test multiple landing pages to see which generate the best results. This is the leading edge in advertising.

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