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What is marketing automation?

Marketing automation involves the use of a number of technologies to enhance your marketing efforts and optimize the productivity of your sales resources.

Gone are the days when a business would hire a telemarketing staff, get a hold of a list of telephone numbers and start cold calling people. Today people are sick of cold calls interrupting their dinner and have added their numbers to do-not-call lists which means cold calls are a no-no. More importantly, cold calling is ineffective and costly with a very low conversion rate. This is where marketing automation enters the discussion. Using modern web based tools and technologies, it is easy to attract potential customers to your web site, determine how interested they are in your products and services and ensure that you are only contacting potential customers that are interested in your products. Instead of overloaded cold callers, you have motivated sales people who spend their time discussing your products with interested parties. A more productive sales team leads to more sales and higher commissions - a win/win.

Marketing automation also helps with on-going sales to existing customers. You can easily product newsletters or promotional materials to send to existing customer to keep them aware of your new products. Since you can determine repeat visits to your web site by existing customers, again the sales leads you provide to your sales team will make them more productive.

There is a lot more to marketing automation. If you'd like to find out more about how marketing automation can help you grow your business, Contact us for a free, no obligation consultation and take advantage of a limited-time offer to get $100 in free advertising from Google.

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